Sports website Grassroots North Wales needs your help in 2022

Grassroots North Wales kicks off 2022 with more uncertainty in the air than usual.

Of course, the primary concern at present is when will our football start again?

With all leagues suspended last month due to rising cases of Omicron/Covid, the FAW are expected to discuss in the week ahead when a return to action is possible.

From GNW’s point of view, we of course need games to report on. Without news, the website loses its viability and the chance of attracting essential sponsorship to keep operating lessens considerably.

In 2020-21, we managed to keep going through many football-less months with lots of nostalgia articles, as well as interviews with a variety of figures involved in the North Wales game. This went extremely well.

There is no guarantee that it will work again, if we need to go down that road, even though it was pleasing to see our overall views were higher in 2021 than 2020.

No doubt this was made more possible by the return of all levels of football from July 2021.

Our sponsors have been marvellous so far, but businesses everywhere will continue to feel the pinch depending on what fate Mr Drakeford has in store for us.

As a business, we’ve been hit like many others and the current prognosis does not look good.

There is a real possibility that the website will either become part-time in 2022 or cease altogether.

Hopefully, it can be the part-time option, keeping it going, albeit on a lesser scale while I concentrate on making a living, although not being in the best of health makes that more difficult, but I’ll never stop trying.

Since we started up in June 2019, the support from clubs and individuals has been incredible.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for certain leagues, associations or governing bodies, whose interest in protecting grassroots football and those working hard to preserve it appears minimal.

Despite the job we’re trying to do in North Wales, there has never been a word of encouragement from many whose backing we would benefit from.

One of our biggest strengths is women’s football, yet we face a double-edged sword in that we get amazing support from some clubs but are totally ignored by others and the same with the leagues – one very helpful, another dismissive.

But we can deal with all that. Facing uphill struggles is all part of the challenge and we are confident in our ability to remain a flagship bearer for North Wales sport.

However, that all important sponsorship is needed, and I feel no shame whatsoever in appealing to the business sector to help if they can.

By supporting us, you will be ensuring grassroots sport across Wales can continue to be publicised in a unique and specialised way.

We average about 50,000 hits per month and well over 1,000 per day, or more than half-a-million a year.

That’s a lot of views your businesses could be attracting.

Grassroots North Wales will continue in 2022, but to what extent is dependent on the income we can gather. We want to build and become stronger, but we do need help.

All offers of assistance or advice are welcome.


Many thanks and a happy new year.

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