Rhyl and District Sunday Football League hotshots – three players now tied on seven goals

Royal Oak (blue) and Six Bells battled it out in the NWCFA Sunday Challenge Cup at the weekend. Picture: MATT JOHNSON

Three players are tied on seven goals at the top of the Rhyl and District Sunday Football League hotshots chart.

Bar Bow’s Martin King and Jamie Haggas of Conwy Comrades have both joined Millbank’s Jack Davies on the magnificent seven.

Haggas notched a hat-trick for Comrades in Sunday’s 5-3 NWCFA Sunday Challenge Cup quarter-final victory against Bar Bow, King netting twice in the same encounter.


Martin King (Bar Bow), Jamie Haggas (Conwy Comrades), Jack Davies (Millbank)


Callum Parry (Conwy Comrades)


Harrison Bellis (Bar Bow)
Skye Shields (Conwy Comrades)
Benn Lundstram (FC Mally)
Aidan Bell (Millbank)
Josh Brown (Royal Oak)
Macca Lewis (Six Bells)


Kai Davies (Conwy Comrades)
Cory Young (Y Clwb)
Max Williams (Y Clwb)


Matty Rees (Royal Oak)
Jack McGovern (The Alex)
Kyle Kelly (Y Clwb)
Kyle Robb (FC Mally)
Tom Williams (Y Clwb)
Dion Lloyd (Y Clwb)


Matchday eight – November 7

North Wales Coast Sunday Challenge Cup
FC Mally 3 (Kyle Robb, Sam Sinkinson, Jamie Moorhouse) Millbank 0

Conwy Comrades 5 (Jamie Haggas 3, Gaz Jones, Joe Carey) Bar Bow 3 (Martin King 2, Joel Rowlands)

The Alex 2 (Matty McElroy, David Maddock) Y Clwb 3 (Max Williams, Dion Lloyd, Tom Williams)

Royal Oak 5 (Josh Brown 2, Tom Jones, Ethan Taylor, David Gray) Six Bells 1 (Macca Lewis)

Matchday seven – October 31

Rhyl and District Sunday League
Y Clwb P FC Mally P

Conwy Comrades 8 (Kai Davies 3, Jamie Haggas, Joe Carey, Harry Roberts, Logan Williams, Dominic Stringer) Rhyl Wanderers 0

The Alex 1 Millbank 11 (Aiden Bell 4, Jack Davies 3, Mattie Edge 2, Jay Hughes, Alex Hall)

Matchday Six – October 24

Rhyl and District Sunday League
Royal Oak 3 (Adam Cassidy, Josh Brown, Callum Murphy) The Millbank 0

Conwy Comrades 1 (Fin Jones) Y Clwb 4 (Cai Moore, Dion Lloyd 2, Cory Young)

Rhyl Wanderers 4 (Lewis Evans, Owen Hughes, Luke Bradshaw, Tawse Cox) BarBow 7 (Martin King 3, Joel Rowlands 2, John Atherton, Alfie Harrison)

Matchday Five – October 17

Premier Cup quarter-finals
The Alex 0 BarBow 8 (Harrison Bellis 3, Richard Hill 2, Martin King 2, Matt Pleavin)

Y Clwb 6 (Max Williams 3, Tom Williams, Cory Young, Kyle Kelly) Royal Oak 4 (Matty Rees 2, Nick Sanders 2)

The Millbank 4 (Paul Ham, Jack Davies, Jordan Cemagolu, Joel Poh) Rhyl Wanderers 3 (Joe Smith, Will Smith, Luke Bradshaw)

Conwy Comrades P FC Mally P

Matchday Four – October 10

Rhyl and District Sunday League
Bar Bow 0 FC Mally 1 (Adam Hold)

Y Clwb 2 Rhyl Wanderers 2 (James Olte, Dave Coleman)

Millbank 5 (Jack Davies 3, Joel Poh, Aidan Bell) Six Bells 4 (Macca Lewis 2, Cole Rich, Cal Foster)

The Alex 3 (Jack Williams 2, Jack McGovern) Conwy Comrades 4 (Skye Shields 3, Jamie Haggas)

Matchday Three – October 3

Rhyl and District Sunday League
Bar Bow 1 (Kelvin Berks) Y Clwb 3 (Kyle Kelly, Cory Young, Tom Williams)

The Millbank 3 (Matty Beach, Simon Roberts, Matt Toole) FC Mally 2 (Benn Lundstram, Lee Ellis)

The Alex 1 (Steve Collins) Royal Oak 5 (Adam Cassidy, Josh Brown 2, David Gray, Dean Hughes)

Six Bells 1 (Macca Lewis) Conwy Comrades 1 (Ryan Lewis)

Matchday Two – September 26

Rhyl and District Sunday League
FC Mally 2 (Benn Lundstram 2) The Alex 5 (Jack Mcgovern 2, Jack Williams, Steve Collins, Joey Jennings)

Six Bells 5 (Macca Lewis, Ricky Kendrick, Callum Foster, Danny Taylor, Cole Rich) Royal Oak 2 (Matty Rees, Charlie Thorley)

Bar Bow 2 (Kelvin Berks, James Harrison) Conwy Comrades 5 (Jamie Haggas 2, Callum Parry 2, Harri Lloyd)

Millbank 1 (Matt Toole) Rhyl Wanderers 1 (James Olte)

Matchday One – September 19

North Wales Coast Challenge Cup
Rhyl Wanderers 0 FC Mally 8 (Kacper Spirydowicz, Thomas Prince, Kyle Robb 2, Jamie Moorhouse, Benn Lundstram 2, Peter Jones)

Rhyl and District Sunday League
Bar Bow 4 (Harrison Bellis 2, John Atherton and James Hill) Royal Oak 2 (Tom Jones, Paul Campion)

Rhyl and District Sunday League Cup
Conwy Comrades 11 (Callum Parry 4, Skye Shields 2, Sean McIlvogue, Ryan McIlvogue, Kai Davies, James Cory, Jack Kearney) The Alex 1 (Ryan Williams)

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