Football Association of Wales – we want an explanation……

The FAW owe football followers across Wales an explanation…..

There has been much interest in the past couple of days over Hockey Wales’ announcement that clubs can now play friendly games with a maximum of 30 players – and that coaches, umpires, organisers and under-11s are EXEMPT from that figure.

This means hockey is no longer restricted by the maximum 30 persons rule that applies to football in Wales at present.

In football, the 30 covers everything – players, referees, assistant, management and Covid-19 officer.

Numerous petitions have been launched within the football family calling for the 30-person rule to be relaxed.

As yet there has been no satisfactory response from the FAW, save from the fact they updated clubs at a webinar this week that the 30-people limit will remain.

It was claimed today, confidentially to Grassroots North Wales, that Hockey Wales’ announcement was, in fact, wrong and would need to be adjusted to reflect the 30-rule still continues.

Hockey Wales’ latest guidance

However, Hockey Wales’ head of development, Hannah Bevan, confirmed to Grassroots North Wales tonight that their recent literature is correct.

“I can confirm that our literature is correct and U11s, coaches, umpires and organisers are exempt from the total of 30 which we have had confirmed by Sport Wales, Welsh Sports Association and Welsh Government,” she said.

“Each individual National Governing Body may choose to apply their own restrictions on their sport, so it may be that football have chosen otherwise, but I can confirm that our literature that’s in the public domain is correct.”

Therefore, it appears there is no reason whatsoever why football cannot follow the example of Hockey Wales.

If the restriction was changed to 45-50 people, football could probably get by.

Clubs will still suffer greatly from the absence of spectators, as will the fans themselves, but 45-50 people at a match could prove workable.

From day one, the Welsh Government and FAW have seemingly done little to support the plight of those clubs below tier 1 whose seasons have not yet been allowed to start – despite the opposite being true in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

They have hidden behind the 30-person at outdoor gatherings rule long enough.

Now it has been relaxed for hockey, there is no reason why football cannot be next.

It’s time you stood up and backed the game you make so much money out of FAW.

Who’s putting the blocks on here and why? FAW? Welsh Government? Both?

Explain to us now……why is this stupid 30-person rule still applying to football ?

Our patience is wearing thinner than ever….

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