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Netball: Aces and Asaph play out 24-24 thriller in North West Wales League

Bangor University were emphatic winners in Division 3

Abergele Aces and St Asaph Thunder played out a thrilling 24-24 draw in Division One of the North West Wales Netball League on Monday night.

After the first quarter Thunder were 9-5 up.

In the second, Thunder seemed to pull away with it, producing some cracking shots from shooters Liv Carrol and POM Beth Davies.

Ending the second quarter 19-7 ahead, a St Asaph victory looked well on the cards.

St Asaph player of the match Beth Davies

But Abergele found some fire from somewhere and started the second half with a bang, By the completion of the third quarter there were only four goals in it.

And in the last, Aces pushed hard to the end and equalised on the final whistle.

Llandudno Storm blew away the Thunder

In view of all the recent feisty weather, it was only a matter of time before Menai THUNDER and Llandudno STORM would make a clash in Division Two.

In a very evenly matched game where Storm were leading throughout, Menai remained just slightly behind for the most part.

It was not until the final quarter when Storm really powered through and sealed the win in at 33-26.

Llandudno Tornados blasted out another win for the club against St Asaph Strikes.

Quite a fast-paced game appeared set to go either way after the first quarter. GA Courtney Roberts (PoM) for St Asaph showed some amazing athleticism in the circle.

In the second quarter though, Tornados pulled away and held a comfortable lead until the final whistle.

Results, line-ups and awards – Monday, March 2, 2020

Division One

Clinton James 37-28 Llandudno Jets
(13-6; 22-10; 29-19; 37-28)

Clinton: Katrina McLaren, Elin Barwick, Lucie Leonard, Hannah Rowlands, Nicola Jasieniecka, Tara Howard, Corinna Parry. Subs: Abbie Roe, Lauren McCormick.
Jets: Jo Leon, Geraldine Vaughan-Jones, Roisin Rooney-Hamer, Lucy Moran, Alis Francis, Sioned Coleman, Alex Jones. Subs: Bethan Coleman, Samantha Rogers.
Players of the Match
Clinton: Elin Barwick
Jets: Geraldine Vaughan-Jones

St Asaph Thunder 24-24 Abergele Aces
(9-5; 19-7; 21-17; 24-24)

Comeback kings Abergele Aces

St Asaph: Liv Carrol, Beth Davies, Hayley Jones, Kat Williams, Faye Williams, Caroline Baker, Ema Hughes. Sub: Jess Owens.
Aces: Hollie Collins, Ceri Jones, Chelsey Newman, Ellen Dier, Kris Henry, Mitzi Tilston, Jade Wilcockson. Sub: Philippa Farrell.
St Asaph: Beth Davies
Aces: Ellen Dier

Menai Bridge 41-23 Colwyn Comets
(11-5; 16-12; 35-15; 41-23)

Menai Bridge: Laura Webber. Kathryn Hughes, Collette Charker, Stevie Roberts, Lisa Campbell, Kelly Roose, Stella Bunting. Sub: Charlotte Frazer.
Comets: Beth Mather, Kara Maloney, Hannah Roberts, Migs Hollings, Jen Jones, Ann Burt-Williams, Chloe Milburn. Sub: Cerrie Smith.
Menai: Kathryn Hughes
Comets: Kara Maloney.

Division Two

Llandudno Knicks 37-23 Colwyn
(7-7; 17-12; 27-20; 37-23)

Knicks: Joely Hughes, Llinos Hill, Ellen Vick, Mollie Ellis, Sioned Hughes, Charlotte Ryan, Claire Mander. Subs: Alice Dyson, Kate Birch.
Colwyn: Amy Roberts, Cara O’Neil, Catrin Bohanna, Rachael Bowers, Amy Hall, Vickie Ashe, Seraphina Jones. Sub: Cerrie Smith.
Knicks: Claire Mander
Colwyn: Amy Hall

Thundercats 40-16 CGG
(12-3; 25-10; 29-14; 40-16)

Thundercats: Deanna Craven, Ally Williams, Siwan Glyn, Flick Smith, Tanisha Burgher, Anna Selick, Hannah Nicholls. Sub: Louise Poulter.
CGG: Celia Gray-Thomas, Jen Wells, Lisa Charles, Kathryn Williams, Leah Owen, Erin Taylor, Cerri Davies. Subs: Clare Banks, Mel Barnes.
Thundercats: Anna Selick
CGG: Lisa Charles

Menai Thunder 26-33 Llandudno Storm
(5-7; 11-12; 18-20; 26-33)

Thunder: Ffion Jones, Ellie Davies, Eesha Kishto, Jo Harris, Chantelle Parker, Gwen Roberts, Steph Yau-Jones.
Storm: Mia Rawling, Hannah Partington, Jeannie Duncan, Elin Watson, Callie James, Ella Jones, Rebecca Freestone. Sub: Martha Hughes.
Thunder: Steph Yau-Jones
Storm: Jeannie Duncan.

Division Three

Gleision 6-43 Bangor Uni
(1-11; 4-20; 4-30; 6-43)

This cute bear was named player of the match for Gleision

Bangor Uni: Millie Pringle, Josie Yelland, Olivia Chambers, Gina Kelly, Emma Stone, Jenna Tate, Natalie Ehenulo. Subs: Sophie Roots, Cat Elson, Georgina Pell.
Bangor Uni: Jenna Tate.

Abergele Diamonds 30-21 Thunderkittens
(5-6; 13-10; 22-15; 30-21)

Diamonds: Abi Cocking, Laura Holland, Olivia Mortimer, Sam Muller, Lowri Roberts, Charlotte Hughes, Vicky Roberts. Sub: Jade Huntley.
Thunderkittens: Reaghan Smith, Louise Pleasant, Siwan Redvers-Jones, Ceris Davies, Ela Evans, Lottie Pleasant, Ela Lois. Sub: Sophie Savage.
Diamonds: Vicky Roberts
Thunderkittens: Lottie Pleasant

Llandudno Tornados 42-26 St Asaph Strikes
(13-7; 25-16; 35-19; 42-26)

Tornados: Ffion Anthony, Olivia Jones, Ceri Watson, Loren Bloxham, Nicol Siecinska, Ema Jones, Alice Lees. Sub: Paige Kemp, Sophie Jones.
Strikes: Leanne Mather, Courtney Roberts, Nic Davies, Joy Jamieson, Theresa Parry, Debbie Magistro, Rebecca Greenan. Sub: Helen Smith.


Tornadoes: Sophie Jones

Strikes: Courtney Roberts

PoM for St Asaph Strikes Courtney Roberts
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