Netball – Networking/Rhwydweithio: Anya Jones (Arfon Celts/Thundercats)

Anya Jones (third from right) lines up with the Thundercats

Full name

Anya Claire Jones

Date of birth


Team (s)

Thundercats in North West Wales Netball League and Arfon Celts in Gwynedd and Anglesey League



Strengths to game

I was once told by a GK as she took to court she was going to break my right arm. When I asked why she said because I never miss. While I know that’s not quite true I’d probably have to say I’m not a bad shot I guess.

Weaknesses to game

My fitness and my height. As shooters go, I’m only a little one and not very fast!

Most talented team-mate

Flick, Ally and Mel

I’ve had so many over the years but have to give a nod to my “wingmen” Ally Williams and Mel Parry and the wonderful Flying Flick Smith! Although I do love them all.

Best game played in

So many to count but a recent one comes to mind. Arfon Celts against the mighty Arfon Ladies! It was a tough battle all the way through and possibly the lowest scoring by both teams ever. We lost by just one goal. It was intense, they were fab and we had them all the way through until the final minute.

Best opponent faced

The great Lois Crookes (red bib – facing) in defensive action

So many to sift through, Catherine Chin is impossible to get away from and Gwennan Williams certainly makes it clear why she represents this country.

But the only person who’s ever made me completely lose all being and concentration on court is Lois Crookes. She’s an unbelievably strong, focused player who does not give an inch! If I left the circle, she wouldn’t let me back in, and trying to get free from her inside the circle was impossible. Her determination and stamina in the GK position is an inspiration. Most players hate taking the GK bib but she would show you exactly what she could do with it.

Netball idols

Rachel Dunn of Wasps Netball celebrates her 200th game during the Vitality Netball Super League Round 3 match against London Pulse at Copper Box Arena, London, on 26 Jan 2019. (Photo by Action Foto Sport/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Rachel Dunn is just epic. I love everything about her, she’s driven, determined, graceful not to mention an incredible shooter. I was lucky enough to get to see her in action in the summer at the World Cup.

Other sports you play

I’ve recently taken up swimming after taking on a challenge to swim the length of the channel in a local pool to raise money for charity. I won’t be entering any competitions any time soon but I will keep it up.

Ambitions in netball

Get fitter and just play for as long as I’m able to.

Favourite hobbies/pastimes

Anya (right) loves baking cakes but also has a liking for face painting?

I love to bake! Celebration cakes and cupcakes mainly.


Business Lending Assistant at a high street bank.

Best country visited

USA, Las Vegas! I was only 20 at the time so too young to hit the slots but it was incredible!

How often do you use a gym

Try to get there when I can between work, family, netball and swimming. So not often

Favourite season of the year

Definitely autumn, the colours are amazing, the bitterness begins and the heating is switched on

What car do you drive

Vauxhall Mokka

Favourite food

Cheese! All flavours except the one with blue bits in!

Favourite drink

The customary face-pull (everyone does it) after winning an award

Disaronno and Coke

Best musical artist/band

If I had to pick just one it would have to be Swedish House Mafia

Plans for Christmas

Cosy up with the kids and him indoors.

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