Meet the invincibles who make up the Bangor University women’s rugby team


Abi Coleman, Abi Cousins, Abigail Jeffery, Bea O’Neill, Becky Joyner, Caitlin Lister, Efa Williams (captain), Ellie Twiggs, Emily Walmsley, Erica Mullins, Erin Allen, Genevive Harvey, Georgia Davies-Payne, Holly Aitchison, Jasmine Sawyer, Jess Clapperton, Jessica Lewis, Kate Davies, Kate Walsh, Katie Hackett, Katie Wilson, Kristina Aguilar (vice-captain), Lillian McGowan, Lise Baca, Lydia Bradnam, Mali Allman, Maren Bick-Maurischat, Megan Crosby, Megan O’Brien (vice-captain), Mia Knight, Misako Fukui, Monique Cooper, Natasha Preston-Jones, Nixie Brunt. Paige Mallaburn, Rosie Morris, Sally Murray, Samantha Goad

Meet the invincibles!

The Bangor University women’s rugby team have not just finished top of their league – they have done so undefeated!

It’s a fantastic achievement for the girls and their captain Efa Williams, a former footballer who has excelled hugely since turning to the oval-ball game.

With winning the final match of the campaign 45-0 against Salford University, the North Wales women will go down in history as the untouchables.

Crowned Northern Tier 3A champions, Bangor are now promoted to 2A for 2022/23.

Efa Williams

Team captain Efa said: “I am so proud of all the dedication, hard work and passion the girls and coaches have put in this season; it’s all led us to where we are now!

“We have made history in getting promoted and being undefeated throughout the whole season. I am one proud team captain. I can’t wait to see what next season holds for BUWRU  in the northern tier 2A.”

Conceding only 27 points in 7 games this season and 462 points scored, makes Bangor the most successful women’s team in recent years. They won one match 115-0.

With 7 of the girls balancing the BUCS League with playing in the Welsh Premiership and their degrees, the commitment of the team is unrivalled.

The team were fortunate enough to recruit talented freshers who brought a strong set of set of skills and experience. Fresher retention this year has been higher than most years, fostering a good community within the girls.

With only 2 official training sessions a week, this result is unmatched. It’s hard to remember that this is only a university team, with the quality of play being so much higher than expected.

The team look forward to moving up and are prepared to take on the next challenge.

Backs coach, Siwan Holloway, said: “The team this season were impressive from the beginning; good recruitment of freshers meant a wealth of talent and numbers bolstered the squad but it’s the grit and determination shown that has ultimately led to our success. The team are a pleasure to coach, and I look forward to what we can achieve in Northern 2A next year.”

Joe Simpson, head coach, added: “To win the league in the fashion we have is something this group of players will remember long after graduating from Bangor and I am sure will be spoken about in years to come.

“We have spoken many times this year for the need to beat everyone because it’s a tough old league to win, but it was a big challenge for everyone involved and the players embraced that and that is shown on the performances they have put together each week.

“Next season will be a big step up and with the efforts at welcome week to recruit new players being successful we are retaining many this group for next year.

“It’s been a great year to coach the players and I must not forget to say a big thank you to assistant coach Siwan for her efforts with the team this year.

“Finally, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for the effort they have put in. All that makes coaching this group so much more challenging and so much more enjoyable.”

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