Bangor City told: “Pay debts within seven days or you’re out of the league”

Bangor City (blue) in past action against Guilsfield

Pay up within seven days or you’re out – that’s the stark situation facing Bangor City Football Club.

Unless the club comes up with more than £50,000 in unpaid wages – plus other fines – by February 19, it will be expelled from the tier 2 Cymru North league.

Even if they do clear the debt, they will be kicked out of the league if they fail to fulfill a single other fixture between now and the end of the season.

Last November, the eight-time Welsh Cup winners were banned from “all football-related activity” after failing to meet the wage bill owed to players and staff.

A Football Association of Wales (FAW) disciplinary panel ruled that “all outstanding monies” had to be paid within 31 days from 29 October.

Bangor failed to meet that deadline, sparking the suspension.

Since December 4, 2021, the Citizens have failed to fulfill seven league fixtures, leading to what was said by the FAW to be a deduction of three points per non-show.

This should have left them on minus 6 at the bottom of the table. Each unfulfilled fixture has cost them an additional fine per time. The current official league table has them on 0 points.

Today, the club was given an ultimatum by the FAW.

A statement said: “The FAW have been reviewing the issue concerning Bangor City FC in the JD Cymru North and their current suspension from all football-related activity, following their non-compliance with a Disciplinary Panel order in November 2021.

“Under the suspension from all football related activity, Bangor City FC have been unable to fulfill five fixtures (it is actually seven), which has led to further fines in accordance with the League Rules of the Cymru North.

“Following the Clubs Meeting on Wednesday (9 February), the Board met to discuss the current suspension of The Club.

“The Board recognised its obligations to efficiently manage the business of the League and acknowledged its jurisdiction over all matters relating to the administration of the League and the conduct of Clubs.

“The Board unanimously agreed the following two decisions:

“In accordance with League Rules 3.1, 3.7 and 3.13, Bangor City FC are given seven days from the date of this written decision to pay its fines and for the FAW to lift the current suspension. Failure to do so would result in immediate expulsion from the JD Cymru North. To be clear, the date of this letter is Friday, 11 February 2022 and seven Clear Days from this letter is Saturday 19 February 2022.

“If Bangor City FC complies with Decision 1, any future non-fulfilment of fixture in the JD Cymru North in season 2021/22 would result in immediate expulsion from the JD Cymru North.

“The FAW will provide a further update in relation to this matter at the appropriate time.”

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