Erica Jones is the Queen of North Wales Women’s football Dream Teams !

Pwllheli’s Erica Jones (front left) gained 13 selections and Ffion Owen (front right) polled 12. Pic: Dai Sinclair

Erica Jones of Pwllheli is Queen of the North Wales Dream Teams.

The highly-rated defender earned the most selections in the 30 dream XI’s chosen by players past and present from across North Wales over the past three months.

Erica has spent most of her career with Pwllheli, with whom she reached the Welsh Cup Final in 2006, but in the 2017-18 season joined Caernarfon Town after the Canaries were promoted to the Welsh Premier.

Players of all ages and from numerous different clubs throughout North Wales were invited to choose a Dream Team.

Erica was picked 13 times, with Amlwch Town’s dynamic midfielder Ffion Owen finishing second on 12.

In a very honourable joint third place were Mari Gibbard and Catrin Evans.

Across the 30 teams chosen, 133 different players featured.

Mari Gibbard (right – yellow). Picture: Beverley Hemmings

All 30 North Wales Dream Teams

Sara Furlong
Nicky Davies, Jordanne Greenough, Erica Jones, Katie Davies, Lowri Hughes, Cara Wyn Hughes, Charlotte Gill, Ffion Owen, Gwenno Peters, Mari Gibbard, Anna Jones.

Danielle Alice
Elena Julio, Jordanne Greenough, Erica Jones, Kim Broadbent, Sioned Bohana, Lowri Hughes, Katie Davies, Ffion Owen, Lois Regan, Chloe Hughes, Anna Jones.

Siwan Elenid
Jo Roberts, Kim Broadbent, Gill Smith, Louise Barlow, Tania Jones, Alwen Williams, Iona Williams, Mari Fearns, Manon Lloyd Williams, Ceryl Jones, Cheryl Foster.

Iona Williams
Jo Roberts, Kim Broadbent, Katie Davies, Sioned Bohana, Tania Jones, Siwan Elenid, Manon Lloyd-Williams, Ceryl Jones, Ailsa Orlik, Shan Jones, Cheryl Foster.

Ffion Evans
Bethan Thomas, Rachel Roberts, Anest Roberts, Alaw Davies-Smith, Erica Jones, Catrin Evans, Katie Midwinter, Ffion Owen, Llywela Edwards, Lexi Crawley, Erin Mahoney.

Shona Roberts
Del Morgan, Shannon Hobbs, Louisha Doran, Jasmin Dutton, Keren Allen, Rachael Nattrass, Catrin Evans, Anna Jones, Kelsey Davies, Mari Gibbard, Candice Nellist.

Ellie Sandiford
Shaunie Kennedy, Jasmin Dutton, Ashleigh Mills, Jade Scott, Rachel Nattrass, Shannon Hobbs, Mary Griffiths, Becca Bannister, Tegan Hewitt, Ffion Williams, Catrin Evans.

Carol Lewis
Nicky Davies, Sioned Bohana, Lowri Hughes, Laura Eynon, Jordanne Greenough, Catrin Evans, Katie Davies, Ffion Owen, Cerys Gadd, Ceri Slaney, Lexi Crawley.

Ceryl Jones
Jo Roberts, Sioned Bohana, Erica Jones, Kim Broadbent, Alwen Williams, Tania Jones, Iona Williams, Manon Lloyd Williams, Siwan Elenid, Cheryl Foster, Katie Bowe.

Paige Williams (Amlwch)
Nicky Davies, Sioned Bohana, Erica Jones, Laura Eynon, Hannah Smith, Catrin Evans, Ffion Owen, Katie Davies, Cerys Gadd, Erin Maloney, Mari Gibbard.

Tegan Hewitt
Bethan Thomas, Erica Jones, Anest Roberts, Abbie Holland, Abby Williams, Kirstie Kural, Mary Griffiths, Jade Scott, Shannon Hobbs, Laura Pennington, Becky Lees.

Alaw Davies-Smith
Del Morgan, Louisha Doran, Jemila Bukari, Llinos Hughes, Tonicha Dickens, Kelsey Davies, Llywela Edwards, Sofie Owen, Paige Williams, Rosie Hughes, Erin Maloney.

Nia Wyn Ellis
Tracey Godsell, Alison Leonard, Erica Jones, Mary Bailey, Louise Evans, Mary Griffiths, Jenny Broughall, Catrin Evans, Ffion Williams, Gemma Jones, Laura Pennington.

Annmarie Jones
Bethan Thomas, Kim Sands, Erica Jones, Jasmin Dutton, Cat King, Shannon Hobbs, Barbara Nadworna, Paula Rytwinska, Kirstie Kural, Laura Pennington, Candice Nellist.

Catrin Wyn Thomas
Elena Julio, Erica Jones, Kim Broadbent, Sioned Bohana, Kelsey Davies, Ffion Owen, Stacey Tradewell, Anna Jones, Katie Bowe, Shan Jones, Mari Gibbard.

Cara Wyn Hughes
Miriam Jones, Sioned Bohana, Louisha Doran, Erica Jones, Ashleigh Mills, Ffion Owen, Rachael Nattrass, Anna Jones, Kelsey Davies, Mari Gibbard, Lois Thomas.

Catrin Evans. Picture: Dai Sinclair

Emily Jones
Del Morgan, Alaw Davies-Smith, Llinos Hughes, Tash Matthews, Jasmin Dutton, Lauren Thomas, Rachael Nattrass, Kelsey Davies, Elise Hughes, Rosie Hughes, Lexi Crawley.

Rachel Roberts
Bethan Thomas, Alaw Davies Smith, Anest Roberts, Lucie White, Heledd Roberts, Katie Midwinter, Josie Smith, Catrin Evans, Fflur Williams, Lexi Crawley, Erin Maloney.

Beca Williams
Sioned Hughes-Williams, Anest Roberts, Llio Henshaw, Elen Vaughan, Kelly Jones, Mia Rawling, Katie Houghton, Gwenno Gibbard Bolton, Llio Emyr, Anna Houghton, Josie Smith.

Mari Gibbard
Nicky Davies, Keren Allen, Louisha Doran, Anest Roberts, Jasmin Dutton, Rachel Nattrass, Kelsey Davies, Ffion Owen, Mary Griffiths, Anna Jones, Lois Regan.

Fflur Williams
Becky Elliott, Cara Wyn Hughes, Jemila Bukari, Kelly Jones, Anna Jones, Ffion Owen, Anest Roberts, Aimee Todd, Charley Smith, Erin Maloney, Mari Gibbard.

Chelsea Evans
Bethan Thomas, Alison Leonard, Abbie Holland, Erica Jones, Tasha Kearney. Cerys Gadd, Laura Eagles, Abby Williams, Tegan Hewitt, Mari Gibbard, Laura Pennington.

Gwenno Gibbard Bolton
Sioned Hughes Williams, Beca Williams, Llinos Jones, Anest Roberts, Alison Mummery, Mary Griffiths, Kelsey Davies, Awen Hughes, Mari Gibbard, Lois Regan, Ceryl Jones.

Lexi Crawley
Nicky Davies, Kim Broadbent, Alison Mummery, Steph Taylor, Gail Naylor Jones, Iona Williams, Katie Davies, Kelly Davies, Elen King, Ailsa Orlik, Ceryl Jones.

Claire Colville
Jess Hughes, Jess Wall, Charlotte Walker-Jones, Jemila Bukari, Gail Naylor-Jones, Sarah Fountain, Ashleigh Hayes, Sarah Lawson, Rhiannon Mahoney, Sarah Colville, Emma Fisher.

Cerys Gadd
Elena Julio, Alison Mummery, Lowri Hughes, Kim Broadbent, Jordanne Greenough, Ceryl Jones, Catrin Evans, Tania Jones, Tash Matthews, Lexi Crawley, Shan Jones.

Libby McClelland
Yasmin Mills, Llinos Hughes, Erica Jones, Jemila Bukari, Mary Griffiths, Lexie Smith, Rachel Lloyd, Abby Williams, Shannon Hobbs, Laura Pennington, Hollie Groves.

Meinir Thomas
Nicky Davies, Lowri Hughes, Laura Eynon, Erica Jones, Jordanne Greenough, Catrin Evans, Ffion Owen, Cerys Gadd, Katie Davies, Lexi Crawley, Becky Lees.

Erica Jones
Elena Julio, Sioned Bohana, Sian Moore, Kim Broadbent, Ceri Ann, Lowri Hughes, Emma Pritchard, Ffion Owen, Natalie Pritchard, Catrin Wyn Thomas, Katy Godfrey.

Abby Williams (1st in series)
Bethan Thomas, Jenny Broughall, Claire Colville, Jemila Bukari, Emma Parry, Ffion Owen, Mari Gibbard, Tegan Hewitt, Lexie Smith, Laura Pennington, Becky Lees.


The Queen of North Wales Dream Teams – Erica Jones

13 – Erica Jones

12 – Ffion Owen

9 – Catrin Evans, Mari Gibbard

8 – Sioned Bohana, Kim Broadbent

7 – Anest Roberts, Kelsey Davies, Katie Davies, Anna Jones

6 – Lowri Hughes, Lexi Crawley, Laura Pennington, Mary Griffiths, Bethan Thomas, Nicky Davies

5 – Ceryl Jones, Jemila Bukari, Shannon Hobbs, Jasmin Dutton, Rachael Nattrass, Erin Maloney, Jordanne Greenough

4 – Cerys Gadd, Louisha Doran, Elena Julio, Tania Jones

3 – Lois Regan, Del Morgan, Alison Mummery, Llinos Hughes, Abby Williams, Becky Lees, Laura Eynon, Tegan Hewitt, Alaw Davies Smith, Shan Jones, Jo Roberts, Iona Williams, Manon Lloyd Williams, Cheryl Foster.

2 – Cara Wyn Hughes, Gail Naylor Jones, Lexie Smith, Josie Smith, Sioned Hughes Williams, Tash Matthews, Alison Leonard, Jenny Broughall, Rosie Hughes, Abbie Holland, Kirstie Kural, Katie Bowe, Ashleigh Mills, Jade Scott, Ffion Williams, Keren Allen, Candice Nellist, Katie Midwinter, Llywela Edwards, Siwan Elenid, Ailsa Orlik, Alwen Williams

1- Becky Elliott, Sian Moore, Kelly Jones, Aimee Todd, Charley Smith, Tasha Kearney. Laura Eagles, Claire Colville, Emma Parry, Beca Williams, Llinos Jones, Awen Hughes, Steph Taylor, Kelly Davies, Elen King, Jess Hughes, Jess Wall, Charlotte Walker-Jones, Sarah Fountain, Ashleigh Hayes, Sarah Lawson, Rhiannon Mahoney, Sarah Colville, Emma Fisher, Yasmin Mills, Rachel Lloyd, Hollie Groves, Ceri Ann, Emma Pritchard, Natalie Pritchard, Catrin Wyn Thomas, Katy Godfrey, Lucie White, Heledd Roberts, Fflur Williams, Llio Henshaw, Elen Vaughan, Kelly Jones, Mia Rawling, Katie Houghton, Gwenno Gibbard Bolton, Llio Emyr, Anna Houghton, Lauren Thomas, Elise Hughes, Miriam Jones, Lois Thomas, Stacey Tradewell, Kim Sands, Cat King, Barbara Nadworna, Paula Rytwinska, Tracey Godsell, Mary Bailey, Louise Evans, Gemma Jones, Tonicha Dickens, Sofie Owen, Paige Williams (Rhyl), Hannah Smith, Ceri Slaney, Shaunie Kennedy, Becca Bannister, Rachel Roberts, Charlotte Gill, Gwenno Peters, Chloe Hughes, Gill Smith, Louise Barlow, Mari Fearns.

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