New North East Wales Football League on the way

Buckley Town celebrate winning the 2017-18 Welsh National League Premier Division title. Picture: Nic Johnston

Grassroots North Wales has covered what effect next season’s pyramid changes will have on the North Wales Coast, but what about North East Wales?

Last week’s official end to the Welsh domestic football season meant the Welsh National League (Wrexham Area) and the old North East Wales League (2011-2020) are no more.

The NEWFA has formed a new competition, also called the North East Wales League, which will consist of a Premier Division, Championship and a reserve league.

This will replace what has been up to now tier 4 and 5 (the old Welsh National League Division One and the former North East Wales League respectively).

The new structure will have an automatic promotion and relegation from tier 5 (Championship) to 4 (Premier Division – top two and bottom two) rather than the application process which operated with the old North East Wales League and WNL Division One.

As for the former Welsh National League Premier Division, this will become part of the new tier 3, the official name for which is still awaited from the FAW.

It remains to be seen which of the 16 teams in last season’s WNL Premier will be accepted into tier 3, so the new North East Wales League can finalise which teams will be in its Premier Division (tier 4).

North East Wales football pyramid changes 2020-21

Welsh National League (Wrexham Area) Premier Division – joins tier 3

Welsh National League Division One – becomes tier 4 (North East Wales League Premier Division)

North East Wales League – becomes tier 5 (North East Wales League Championship)

Welsh National League Reserves and Reserves & Colts Divisions – becomes a North East Wales Reserve League.

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