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Female Focus 2020: Erin Heathcote (Connah’s Quay Nomads)

Erin Heathcote. Picture: Nik Mesney, NCM Media

Meet Erin of Connah’s Quay Nomads!

After every Female Focus, I’ve made it a tradition to pop out and buy a bar of my subject’s favourite chocolate.

Well now I’ve changed the game and instead I listen to their Favourite Song (I’ve never heard of any of them). Loose Ends lasted 17 seconds on my sound system (or when he starts ‘singing’/talking). Different age group, different tastes maaan.

Full Name

Erin Heathcote

Date of Birth

Erin (left) comes onto the field to replace team-mate Lani Bouckley. Pic: NCM Media, Nik Mesney


First football memory

Joining Northop Hall FC, my first ever football team.

Football idol

From a very young age I’ve always looked up to Lionel Messi.


Right/Left Midfield (preferably right as I’m predominantly right footed).

Most memorable game played in

Erin (back row – second player from the right) lines up with the Nomads

The first game at Nomads Ladies. We had never played together before and ended up with a win against Wrexham FC (5-2).

Best goal scored

The best goal I’ve scored was produced from a corner, was a proper curler into the top right of the net! It wasn’t intended but I pulled it off very well!

Strengths to your game

My fitness.


Giving up too easily if i lose the ball.

Best team-mate played alongside

Kate Horne (red) is an inspiration

Kate Horne 100%. She has an immense talent for the game – great ability to both attack and defend but also creates unbelievable passes, working the team around the pitch.

Hardest opponent faced

An American team from Texas a few years back (see picture above). Their style of play was much different to ours, such a good experience.

Biggest influence in football

This has to be my brother. He doesn’t play football anymore but when I was little he had a massive impact on me.

Funniest team-mate

Jenn Haynes, we just bounce off each other.

Which team-mate is the best dancer

Liv Owens forever both on and off the pitch🕺🏽

Favourite away ground


Personal football ambitions

I want to remain passionate about the sport and continue to play competitively.

Best country visited

Dubai. I’ve been there twice and should hopefully be going again soon!

Favourite chocolate

Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations.

Best film seen this year

This year? Will have to be ‘Call me by your name” it’s on Netflix (apologies Erin that question was set last year and I didn’t make it clear….you’ve only had a few days of 2020 to choose, but you’ve done fine here)

Current favourite song

Loose Ends by Loyle Carner

Are you typical of your zodiac sign?

I’m a Scorpio and most definitely.

Favourite TV show

Silent Witness.

TV show you dislike most

Friends. sorry🥴

Best quality as a person

Personality and my ability to get along with anybody.

Worst fault

Self confidence.

Best live show/concert seen

Billie Eilish.

Favourite female footballer

Elise Hughes all day!

Elise Hughes (in red) playing for Wales

Tell us something about you we might not know

I LOVE singing and anyone that knows me will tell you I never shut up.

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