Female Focus: Cara Aston (Bethesda Athletic)

Cara Aston (back row – player furthest left) with last season’s Bethesda Athletic Division Two title-winning team

Full Name

Cara Aston

Date of Birth


First football memory

Being dragged by a friend to his football training when I was about 7 and after a while they set up a girls football team there (thanks Jack!)

Childhood football idol

Stevie G!


This one could make a poster! Aston in Action

Been all over the shop, currently right-back, and have been for years but who knows for the coming season!

Most memorable game played in

There’s been loads, can’t think of just one.

Biggest highlight of football career so far

Winning ‘Player of the Season’ when I was 12. Haha, only joking. Winning the league last season with Bethesda was a highlight.

Strengths to your game

Cara makes a challenge

I’ve got a very powerful right foot, but don’t get a chance to use it very much in defence.


Speed. That’s pretty much non-existent.

Best team-mate played alongside

Cerys Gadd on the ball for Amlwch Town. Picture by kind courtesy of Amlwch Town FC

Cerys Gadd and Mari Gibbard

Hardest opponent faced

Probably Cerys again and Lexi Crawley

Biggest influence in football

All the managers I’ve ever played under.

Favourite away ground

Think I’d have to say Amlwch – not when it’s windy though!

Representative football played

None unfortunately

Most embarrassing moment in a game

There’s probably quite a lot, but playing in a Urdd Gemau Cymru game with school back in 2011 and they happened to show my missed penalty on TV. Got ripped for that for a while!

Ambitions for your team

Cara takes a throw-in for Bethesda

To do as well as we can again this year. Hopefully a few more successes and another trophy would be a bonus

Personal football ambitions

Just to carry on enjoying the game really


Best country visited


Favourite chocolate

Dairy Milk with Oreo. I like Lindt as well, but only buy that at Christmas!

Best film seen this year

Don’t watch many films, but watched A Star Is Born for the first time a few weeks ago. That was really good

Current favourite song

Freya Ridings – Castles

Are you typical of your zodiac sign

I don’t even know what the traits are. Is that bad??

Favourite TV show

Casualty. Never miss an episode!

TV show you dislike most

Anything made in America. Just can’t get into any of them.

Best quality as a person

I’d like to think I’m honest. I’m quite confident as well.

Worst fault

I can be very sarcastic.

Most money you’ve ever won

Probably £2 on a scratchcard when I was 16!

Best live show/concert seen

Ed Sheeran at the Etihad last year. Class

Favourite female footballer

To be honest, I don’t watch that much women’s football but Carli Lloyd was class at the World Cup, so I’ll go for her


I don’t even know what my job title is (that’s bad haha) but I work for a bank.

Tell us something about you we might not know

I’ve got a degree in Welsh.

Independence for Wales – yes or no

Of course. But can we get Brexit out of the way first!!

Lifetime ambitions

Just to be as successful as I can

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