Meet the Fontana brothers who run Fratelli Sports – a go-ahead company which cares

Meet Richard, Joey and Christian Fontana – three North Wales brothers who run Fratelli Sports

Always great to feature local sportsmen doing well – not just in sport but in business too. Especially when that business is related to sport!

Meet the Fontana brothers – Christian, Joey and Richard – who run Fratelli Sports, a venture which sells sports training equipment.

Christian and Joey are also key faces in the North Wales Coast League East Division One club Y Glannau from St Asaph.

Enough build up…..let’s ask the lads about what makes the firm to follow.

Why the name Fratelli?

We wanted to call the company something that meant something to us. We played with a few ideas, but ended up coming up with Fratelli as it means Brothers in our native tongue, Italian. We have to thank Christian’s wife, Hayley for the idea.
The logo also had to mean something to the three of us, hence the Italian colours (which also represents the Welsh flag colours).

What do Fratelli Sports do? Is it basically sell sports training equipment?

Yes, that’s right. Fratelli Sports specialise in selling high quality sports equipment at affordable prices. However, we wanted Fratelli to also stand for something and not just be another sports company.
We decided it was important to always show kindness, so we started doing acts of kindness every month; buying the homeless shelter blankets, hats, gloves, giving schools free equipment, buying football kits for local teams and schools, buying families in need a full week’s shop during Covid etc.

Which sports do you provide equipment for?

All sports imaginable!

We provide everything from footballs to gymnastics mats.

Why did you start the business?

The three of us have always wanted to start a business together. As a three, we bring different expertise to the table. We are all successful in our own fields, so we thought it would be a waste if we didn’t take advantage of that.
Covid hit and we thought we would turn a negative into a positive and start a business. Sports equipment was in high demand and we saw a massive gap in the market, we took the jump and haven’t looked back. It hasn’t been easy of course, like every new business, it has its challenges, but the important thing is to keep on going.

How long has the business been going?

A couple of years now. Hopefully more years to come!

Are your clientele from far and wide? Abroad as well as UK?

It’s mainly U.K., but we’ve had orders from all around Europe and as far as South Africa! Our biggest client so far has been Premier League football team, Norwich City.

The Fontana brothers at a famous football stadium in Italy – at a guess, Torino?

Tell us a little about the people who run the company

There is Christian, the oldest (we like to remind him) deals with the website and orders.
Joey the middle brother, engages with the education sector of the business and their orders. He also takes care of the social media side.
Richard, the youngest brother, looks after the finances and accounts.
As a three, we are very close as brothers and make a great team! We thank our parents for that.
Also, a special mention to Aaron Evans who is Fratelli’s very first ambassador. Aaron helps spread the word and connects with the local community. He’s doing a great job!

Is there anything you believe makes your business stand out?

What makes us stand out is our customer service. We thrive on giving an amazing service, no matter what. Like mentioned before, we are also different as we try to stand for something and give back to the community and anyone in need.

Are there any plans to expand?

Yes, definitely! We have big plans in the pipeline and our aim is to be the biggest sports equipment business in the U.K within the next 5 years. We know with hard work and dedication we will achieve that goal!

Thank you Dave for this amazing interview and opportunity. You’re doing a great job in the local sports world.

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These guys care! And don’t forget…..use that discount code folks!

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