Female Focus 2022 – Siona Haf Hughes (Pwllheli)

Siona (left) in action for Pwllheli against Swansea in the Welsh Cup quarter-finals

Siona Haf Hughes is a highly promising player who has been an important part of Pwllheli’s exciting first season in the tier 2 Genero Adran North League.

She has already faced the likes of Cardiff City and Swansea City and is benefiting from playing alongside her team’s more experienced players.

Siona also had wide ranging music tastes – from Slipknot to Harry Styles! It all makes for an entertaining read 🙂

Full name

Siona Haf Hughes

Place of birth


Date of birth


Siona (15) on the ball for Pwllheli


5″5 ish lol


Student at Coleg Menai studying Sport and Outdoor Activities Level 3.

How did you become interested in football ?

I have always had an interest in sports in general, from the start football was always the one I would enjoy the most. Many of my family members have an interest in football and I have been inspired by them to play football from a young age.

How long have you been playing football ?

I’ve been playing football for basically all my life, since a kid I’ve always loved to kick a ball around the garden. However, I started playing football for a team in primary school, and then outside of school, I started at the age of 8 for Pwllheli.

Have you always played in the position you play now ?

No, I’ve been a keeper, centre back, right back, mostly a midfielder and the position I am now is a right wing which is by far the best position for me. This position means a lot to me because my Taid (Brenig Rowlands) was also a right winger in the past !

What is your training schedule like ?

In Pwllheli, we train once a week on a Wednesday and we have a football game on Sunday. Throughout the week I work on my fitness by running and cycling for at least an hour on my spare days.

If you are not playing football or working, what do you do in your spare time ?

In my spare time, I mostly sing and play the drums or guitar. I also enjoy doing something with my friends or family or I will watch YouTube, play some Xbox, watch films as a time to relax. I also go out to do sports such as climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, BMX-ing and so on.

Tell us about the greatest game you’ve played in

Definitely the Cardiff v Pwllheli (this season in the Adran Trophy) because it was one of my first games as a right winger, and it was a great experience to play against a team from South Wales.

What is your finest achievement up to date as a footballer ?

My finest achievement right now as a footballer is being in a higher league with Pwllheli Ladies, being able to play games in a higher league is an achievement in itself.

Strengths and Weaknesses to your game ?

My strength is that I am able to read the game well which allows me to play multiple positions. A weakness of mine is to develop my accuracy with my left foot from a distance.

How do you feel like the season is going for CPD Pwllheli Ladies ?

I feel like this season has given us as a team many experiences, especially playing against Swansea. I do think the season is going well for CPD Pwllheli Ladies because we all work as a team before, during and after a game.

What are your musical tastes ?

My favourite genre would be rock or heavy metal, bands such as, Shinedown, Guns N Roses, Slipknot, ACDC, Iron Maiden etc… However, I do enjoy listening to some pop music like Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, YungBlud or One Direction.

Siona in heading action (No 15) for Pwllheli

Do you have any plans for a holiday ?

I will be going to Spain with my college very soon to do work experience with an outdoor centre ! I would love to go snowboarding again very soon and perhaps visit America again with my family.

Do you have any pets ?

I have 5 dogs in total, 3 cocker spaniels (Daisy, Ozzy and Poppy), 1 German Shepherd (Loki) and one labrador mixed with a sheep dog (Ioshi).

What is your dream job ?

My dream job would either be a footballer or a musician… However, I have been looking into being a PTI in the RAF, or a police officer.

What do you hope to achieve in the future as a footballer ?

As a footballer, my main achievement for the future would be to play for Wales.

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