Networking/Rhwydweithio: Felicity Smith (Thundercats/Arfon Celts)

Felicity Smith

Full name

Felicity Jayne Smith (aka Flick, Flockilly, Flippy, Flickeroniroo)

Date of birth

May 18th 1983


Thundercats/Arfon Celts


Felicity (centre)

Centre (of attention!)

Strengths to game

Jumping for intercepts (hence yet another nickname ‘Flying Flick’)

Weaknesses to game

My inability to control my face (hence why I often get called for dissent)

Most talented team mate

Felicity (front row – second from right) with Arfon Celts

This is really tough as all my team mates have different strengths. I would say Ally for the fact that she always gives 100%, Tanisha for her awesome intercepts, Anya for her holding in the circle, Anna for her long arms (a shame that they often give the impression she is obstructing!), Cerys for being bonkers and keeping us all entertained, Deanna for always being where I want her to be and throwing the best over-circle passes and Gwenno for her top-notch shooting.

Best game played in

No idea! I forget all games instantly that I come off court!

Celebrating with an award

Best opponent faced

Molly (Llandudno) because she is constantly on the move and always keeps me guessing.

Netball idols

Not a player, but John Fox – what that man doesn’t know about umpiring isn’t worth knowing and I do love the umpiring life.

This one might best suit a ‘guess the caption’ competition!

Other sports you play

Flick in wakeboarding action!

Wakeboarding – the best sport in the universe!

Ambitions in netball

To play for county.

Tell us something random we don’t know about you

I have trypophobia which basically means I am afraid of rice and holes!

Favourite hobbies/pastimes

A wakeboarder cutting out on his toe-side edge.

Wakeboarding, reading, playing piano (badly!)



Best country visited


How often do you use a gym


Favourite season of the year

Summer – I absolutely hate being cold!

What car do you drive

VW Golf called Tyke – he is a bit of a legend, but I still miss Bruce (my Fiat 500 who was with me for 10 years)

Favourite food

Cheese and crisps

Favourite drink


Best musical artist/band

Musicians Flea and Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers perform onstage (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella)

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Plans for Summer?

Travelling, wakeboard instructing and possibly working at a summer school.

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