Football: Scott’s thank you goes a long way

Anna Owen (left) and Scott Brown

Nice gestures towards those who have helped us in life can never be under-estimated.

And often, acts of kindness by way of a thank you to someone who has been there for you at an important time can appear a little more special if the acknowledger is a young person.

The youth of today are sometimes accused of being selfish – of course this so often isn’t the case – so hats off to young footballer Scott Brown for recognising a person who was a big help to him earlier this season.

Newtown AFC physio Anna Owen assisted Llandudno Under-19s development squad midfielder Scott earlier in the season after he took a blow to the head and had suspected concussion. Anna acted quickly to make sure any damage was limited.

Scott, who also plays senior football for Mochdre Sports and cricket for Mochdre CC, took the opportunity to thank Anna today when Llandudno and Newtown met again – and presented the dedicated physio with a box of chocolates.

It is often said not enough good deeds make the news – well today one did.

Top man Scott, well done Anna.

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