Networking/Rhwydweithio: Bethan Davies (St Asaph Thunder)

Bethan Davies (GS – front left) with her St Asaph Thunder team mates

Full Name

Bethan Davies

Date of Birth



St Asaph Thunder



Strengths to game

I’d have to say my strength would be opening up space in the D for my GA to receive the ball. I’d like to say my movement in the D is alright too!

Weaknesses to game

Shouldn’t say this as a shooter, but my shots can be horrific at times.
Also my fitness is a weakness, I get so tired just playing shooter!

Most talented team mate

The unstoppable Katie B

All my Thunder team are very talented in their own ways, but I’ve got to give this one to Katie B, who’s my GA. Her shots are just on point ALL THE TIME and majority of the time we play well together (if she’s in a good mood!)
And she makes me laugh on court which is what you need at times!

Best game played in

Has got to be the playoff match last year against Abergele to stay in Division One. What a game! Both teams gave it their all but Thunder just took the win last second by one point (I scored the winner) soz had to get that in there – Haha. Was a nail biting game to say the least

Best opponent faced

I’ve played against many brilliant players, as all the Division One team defences are always so good. But I think her name is Sian from Llandudno jets, she was lovely, and was stuck to me like glue which for a GS is VERY annoying. Great defender!

Netball idols

Manchester Thunder

I don’t really have a specific netball idol. I follow Manchester Thunder team and see what games and tournaments they’re playing etc

Other sports you play

None anymore. I used to dance growing up. It’s deffo classed as a sport.

Ambitions in netball

I don’t have any particular ambitions in Netball. If I was 10 years younger maybe I would. Just to keep playing in a committed and dedicated team like Thunder. And hopefully to still be Thunder’s captain next season.

Favourite hobbies/pastimes

My favourite thing to do is spend time with my little boy, making memories.

Bethan and her awesome son Mathew


Additional needs teaching assistant

Best country visited

I’ve been to many countries in the world, but my favourite place is Florida. I’m a MASSIVE Disney fan so spending two weeks in a very Disney oriented place was just heaven.
Cyprus is a gorgeous place too so that’s a very close second.

How often do you use a gym

Never. I used to when I was younger and had time to!

Favourite season of the year

Deffo the summer. The sun just makes me so happy.

What car do you drive

At the moment a Grey Megane, but I drive my mum’s car a lot, but I’m not sure what make it is.

Favourite food

Err chocolate!!

Favourite drink

Pepsi Max

Best musical artist/band

Probably Ed Sheeran

Plans for Summer?

I get the six-week summer holidays off as I work in a school so I’ll be spending quality time with my gorgeous little boy. We’re also going on holiday (not sure where yet)

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