Networking/Rhwydweithio: Catherine Chin (Clinton James)

Catherine (second left – GK) with the famous Clinton James

Full name

Catherine Chin

Date of birth



Clinton James



Strengths to game

Long arms apparently! I’m most happy being back in the circle with my other defender working as a team to keep the ball out of the circle.

Weaknesses to game

I’m not as flexible as other players in my playing positions. How I position myself in defence doesn’t lend itself to being out at WD.

Best game played in

Year 5: back in her days of being a centre! Catherine is pictured next to her sister Philippa, who plays for Abergele. 
Catherine said: “Our primary school teacher was amazing, you had to train at break to get in the team!”

I think it was Welsh Schools and Colleges Tournament when I was 16, down in Cardiff. We made it to the final, where we won in a really hard fought match, and I was awarded Player of the Tournament. I remember vividly chasing after a lost ball, I fought really hard all game, and sometimes remember that moment when I play now to try and put a bit more effort in.

Best player you have played with

Nicola Jasieniecka has become my favourite ever person to play with these past few years. She always works so hard and her energy rubs off on me! Down the other end Lauren McCormack is amazing, she is always there when you turn to pass from defence, and her movement around the court is so effortless she makes it look so easy! I can’t not mention Sophie Cocking, I think every appreciates the brilliant player that she is.

Netball idols

I haven’t spent enough time watching Superleague/international netball, something I keep planning to do. Locally I have looked up to Karen Roberts from playing with her in county, she has a fantastic game-reading ability.

Other sports you play

No other sports, but I go to fitness classes with ‘Bobbie Be Fit’

Ambitions in netball

My ambition now would be to take a double title: North West and North East Leagues! It isn’t on the cards this season…we will try again next year!

Favourite hobbies/pastimes

Spending time with my dog (daughter!) Phoebe



Best country visited

Italy (Rome) was the most amazing place, but I had my best holiday in Mexico.

How often do you use a gym

I go to 4-7 gym classes a week, I never use a gym itself, I’m not self motivated in a gym.

Favourite season of the year


What car do you drive

The Peugeot 208 model driving on the highway in Izmir. Panned photography, high speed, motion blur. This is NOT Catherine’s actual car

Peugeot 208

Favourite food

Chinese (Nikki Ips to be specific) and Popcorn!

Favourite drink

The adorable Prosecco


Best musical artist/band

Florence and the Machine

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