Netball: North West Wales League – Menai Bridge edge thriller against Comets

Denbigh Ladies performed well in Division Two

Menai Bridge edged a 38-37 victory over Colwyn Comets in Division One’s match of the night in the North West Wales Netball League.

The Bridge, a team which has stormed its way through the lower two divisions and have really hit the ground running in the first this season, took on the top flight residents in an epic clash.

The Anglesey side led all the way through, with a fantastic final quarter featuring 11 goals apiece.

Division Two sister teams Llandudno Knicks and newbies Llandudno Blazers opened the night’s proceedings with a very evenly matched game throughout.

Knicks’ strength and experience eventually enabled them to stretch the lead out to win 36-29.

There was a comfortable win for the ladies of Conwy Storm in Division Three. Ending the first quarter only three goals up against Abergele Diamonds, they steamed ahead from the second session onwards.

Fantastic shooting from Conwy’s player of the match Georgina Roberts did much to secure a 39-20 triumph.

Results, teams and awards – November 25

Division One – Ysgol-y-Creuddyn

Colwyn Friendship 60-16 Abergele Aces
(14-8; 25-12; 45-13; 60-16)

Friendship: Nicky Evans, Mel Hedger, Cat Goodson, Lucy Evans, Sophie Leach, Lorien McKenzie, Georgia Holmes.
Aces: Chelsea Newman, Ellen Deir, Mitzi Tilson, Ceri Jones, Amie Hibbert, Jade Wilcockson, Kris Henry, Hayley Edwards.
Friendship: Nicky Evans; Aces: Chelsea Newman.

Colwyn Comets 37-38 Menai Bridge
(7-10; 14-16; 26-27; 37-38)

Comets: Lauren Bradley, Sophie Maloney, Ann Burt-Williams, Migs Hollings, Jen Jones, Kara Maloney, Gwenan Sullivan.
Bridge: Laura Webber, Kathryn Hughes, Collette Charker, Stevie Roberts, Lisa Campbell, Steffanie Oliver-Smith, Kelly Roose.
Comets: Lauren Bradley; Bridge: Laura Webber.

Division Two – Ysgol John Bright

Llandudno Knicks 36-29 Llandudno Blazers
(6-4; 15-12; 23-21; 36-29)

Knicks: Lora Jones, Emily Joyce, Llinos Hill, Mollie Ellis, Ellen Vick, Charlotte Ryan, Alice Byson, Sioned Hughes, Joely Bellew-Hughes, Claire Mander.
Blazers: Bethan Lees, Deanna Craven, Maizy Carey, Beth Tapping, Kiah Williams, Emma Weir, Amelie Connolly, Meghan Casey, Emilia Jones.
Knicks: Lora Jones; Blazers: Bethan Lees.

Holyhead 57-30 CGG Sharks
(14-10; 32-19; 47-25; 57-30)

Holyhead: Sophie Begley, Ceri Williams, Katie Humphrey, Carys Jones, Tash Roberts, Xena Demetri, Sophie Williams, Keira Patterson, Amelia Hucks, Cadi Fflur Jones.
CGG: Mollie Routledge, Nat Caughtry, Hazel Atkin, Clare Banks, Ruth Jarvis, Mel Barnes, Elishe Drumm, Celia Gray-Thomas.
Holyhead: Sophie Begley; CGG: Mollie Routledge.

Denbigh Ladies 41-49 Llandudno Storm
(12-13; 23-24; 32-38; 41-49)

Denbigh: Steffi Fishwick, Cisa Peregrine, Glesni Jones, Alice Neblett, Annie Williams, Holly Williams, Leah Thomas.
Storm: Amelie Partington, Mia Rawling, Hannah Partington, Mia Lane, Elin Watson, Callie James, Rebecca Freestone, Ellie Jones.
Denbigh: Steffi Fishwick; Storm: Amelie Partington.

Division Three – Ysgol Aberconwy

Conwy Storm

Gleision 27-21 Craig-y-Don
(6-2; 13-9; 19-17; 27-21)

Gleision: Cez Edge, Danni Power, Abby Owen, Gwenan Williams, Helen Smith, Lisa Marsh, Ffion Jones, Saran Henderson.
Craig-y-Don: Paris Williams, Zoe Toffrey, Adele Hughes, Kira Davies, Rhian Kennedy, Collette Murphy, Mel Guiney, Sarah Higham, Ellen Hughes, Lorna Fielding.
Gleision: Cez Edge; Craig-y-Don: Paris Williams.

Conwy Storm 39-20 Abergele Diamonds
(9-6; 19-11; 29-15; 39-20)

Storm: Georgina Roberts, Sue Ellen Jensen, Janet Dawson, Jade Evans, Jane Jones, Shona Culwick, Lisa Wilkins.
Diamonds: Sam Muller, Irene Martin, Laura Holland, Lilly Rose Leong, Olivia Mortimer, Jodie Davies, Vicky Roberts, Lowri Roberts, Sophie Hunt.
Storm: Georgina Roberts; Diamonds: Sam Muller.

Conwy Storm player of the match Georgina Roberts

Llandudno Tornadoes 27-21 Colwyn Youth
(5-7; 13-12; 23-15; 27-21)

Tornadoes: Ffion Anthony, Sophie Jones, Loren Bloxham, Ceri Watson, Nicol Siecinska, Ema Jones, Paige Kemp.
Colwyn: Emma Justin, Tamzin Williams, Ria McAllister, Ellie Watson, Caitlin Evans, Molly Yorke, Jessie Hughes, Katie Bellis.
Tornadoes: Ffion Anthony; Colwyn: Emma Justin.

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