Women in Sport: Mari Walker (rugby union)

Mari plays rugby for Chester Devas but has also represented RGC

How long have you played rugby for and why did you take up the game?

About 7/8 years. I was too rough for netball – like a bull in a china shop

How has your rugby involvement gone so far? Who do you play for and have you won anything of note?

I play for Chester Devas. We’ve just won the Women’s NC 2 North West League and are getting promoted.

What is your position at rugby? Are you happy with this position, or would you prefer to play elsewhere?

Flanker. I love it, but always find myself wandering around with the backs 🙈

Is Mari competitive? Oh yes…..

What is the most enjoyable thing about being a rugby player and the least enjoyable?

Chester being my little rugby family. Commitment is hard, especially the travelling.

On top of your sporting and work commitments, we believe you are also a wife and mum?

Yes, married to Matt and mother to Joshua and Emily

Busy lady! so, back to rugby. Tell us about your best try so far

Coaches and managers don’t like me kicking, so once I chipped it and scored a try off it. Felt pretty smug.

At what age did you start playing football and why did take up the sport?

14/15 i think. I had an amazing PE teacher Mrs Jones, She pushed all sports on us but football stuck.

Which football teams have you played for? Any successes?

Llysfaen, Llandudno (one game lol) and Kinmel Bay. I can’t think of any successes 🤔

You recently returned to football, playing for Llandudno against Abergavenny in the Welsh Cup. How did you find the experience?

Not great. Kinmel Bay is my team, always will be, I felt like a traitor lol. I just hate the struggle North Wales teams have, not just in football but any sport. I just signed to help them with one game.

Do you see yourself playing football again regularly, or is rugby your number one sport now?

Rugby is my main sport. I do miss Kinmel Bay, but i don’t have the time for both.

What has been the highlight of your football career?

I’ve played for North Wales and Welsh Colleges, which is pretty good considering I have no skill 😅

Favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere sunny

Favourite chocolate?


Are you typical of your zodiac sign?

Yep, a proper typical Aries.

What is your favourite hobby/pastime apart from sport when you get a chance?


What’s the best band/artist you’ve seen live?

The Script backstage. (Photo by Isabel Infantes/PA Images via Getty Images)

The Script, but to be fair, they’re the only band I’ve seen live.

What TV show do you never miss?

I’m not really a big telly person but I have just finished the Gabriel Fernandes case

What is your best quality as a person – and your worst fault?

I’m loyal, but have a horrible temper

What music are you listening to at present? anything specific or a bit of everything?

A lot of Disney

Tell us something about you we might not know

I’m a Coke Zero addict, I’m going to blame the nightshifts 🤷‍♀️

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