North West Wales Netball League: Goals galore from Clinton James and Menai Bridge

St Asaph Thunder enjoyed a good battle with Menai Bridge

Clinton James and Menai Bridge turned on the power in North West Wales Netball League Division One with huge goal hauls of 66 and 59 respectively on Monday night.

The Bridge took on St Asaph Thunder and emerged victorious 59-37 on what ended up a ‘night of the Kats’ as two players with that christian name took the Player of the Match awards – Hughes for the Anglesey side and Williams for Saints.

It was a well-fought game by both squads. Despite a storming last quarter for St Asaph it was not enough to claw back the lead Menai had.

A nod to Rhyl PoM Anneka OConnor for her sharp shooting in the team’s 66-19 defeat to Clinton James. Anneka rarely missed a shot.

Division Two saw Colwyn Swifts beat Menai Thunder 38-31.

Colwyn dominated most of the match, but in the second quarter Menai clawed back the deficit to within just one goal. There was only two in it entering the last, but from there Swifts pushed on to take the victory.

The Llandudno club dominated the Thundercats in two divisions tonight.

Conwy Storm beat Craig-y-Don. Player of the match Georgina Roberts is pictured front furthest left

Division Three saw the Tornadoes comfortably overcome the Thunderkittens 49-12.

A masterclass was given by the Tornadoes with some fast passing and tight marking. A goal to work towards for the Kittens in the second half of the season, but an early Christmas present of their new kit softened the blow.

Scores, line-ups and awards

Division One

St Asaph 37-59 Menai Bridge
(9-16; 18-31; 26-45; 37-59)

St Asaph: Beth Davies, Katie Blackmore, Megan Shutt, Kat Williams, Jess Owen, Caroline Baker, Ema Hughes. Sub: Hayley Jones.
Menai Bridge: Laura Webber, Kathryn Hughes, Katie Skeoch, Collette Charker, Lisa Campbell, Stevie Roberts, Kelly Roose.
Players of the Match
St Asaph: Kat Williams
Menai Bridge: Kathryn Hughes

Clinton James 66-17 Rhyl
(16-4; 29-12; 48-17; 66-17)

Clinton: Elin Barwick, Abbie Roe, Katrina McLaren, Hannah Rowlands, Lucie Leonard, Tara Howard, Catherine Chin. Sub: Nicola Jasieniecka.
Rhyl: Anneka O’Connor, Roxy Harris, Erin Young, Lucy Edwards, Emma Jones, Sophie Edwards, Zoe Kelly.
Clinton: Lucie Leonard
Rhyl: Anneka O’Connor

Division Two

Holyhead 50-30 Llandudno Blazers
(16-9; 28-18; 36-26; 50-30)

Holyhead: Ceri Williams, Sophie Begley, Katie Humphreys, Carys Jones, Xena Demetri, Amelia Hucks, Subs: Keira Patterson, Cadi Fflur Jones, Catherine Jones.
Llandudno: Emilia Jones, Bethan Lees, Kiah Williams, Maizy Carey, Meghan Carey, Emma Weir, Amelie Connolly. Sub: Deanna Craven.
Holyhead: Sophie Begley
Llandudno: Bethan Lees

Thundercats 39-41 Llandudno Storm
(8-9; 22-19; 29-30; 39-41)

Thundercats: Anya Jones, Ally Williams, Lucy Savage, Hannah Lock, Gwenno Pritchard, Anna Selick, Hannah Nicholls. Subs: Emma Parry-Jones, Eleanor Lomax.
Storm: Mia Rawling, Hannah Partington, Amelie Partington, Elin Watson, Callie James, Ellie Jones, Rebecca Freestone. Sub: Jeannie Duncan.
Thundercats: Hannah Lock
Storm: Mia Rawling.

Menai Thunder 31-38 Colwyn Swifts
(9-13; 18-19; 25-27; 31-38)

Thunder: Ellie Davies, Jessie Jones, Joanne Harris, Abi Evans, Steph Yau-Jones, Chani Parker, Ffion Jones.
Swifts: Cerrie Smith, Amy Roberts, Catrin Bohanna, Georgia Holmes, Seraphina Jones, Vickie Ashe, Cara O’Neil. Sub: Rachael Bowers.
Thundercats: Steph Yau-Jones
Swifts: Georgia Holmes.

Thunderkittens in their new kit

Division Three

Conwy Storm 34-18 Craig-y-Don
(3-5; 13-9; 24-12; 34-18)

Storm: Georgina Roberts, Rachel Jones, Yvonne Unstead, Jade Evans, Janet Dawson, Shona Culwick, Sue-Ellen Jenson. Sub: Jane Jones.
Craig-y-Don: Lorna Fielding, Ellen Hughes, Rhian Kennedy, Kira Davies, Adele Hughes, Paris Williams, Sarah Higham. Sub: Collette Murphy.
Storm: Georgina Roberts
Craig-y-Don: Rhian Kennedy

Llandudno Tornadoes 49-12 Thunderkittens
(15-3; 32-6; 41-8; 49-12)

Tornadoes: Ffion Anthony, Liv Jones, Loren Bloxham, Ceri Watson, Nicci Siecinska, Emma Jones, Alys Lees. Subs: Sophie Jones, Paige Kemp.
Thunderkittens: Awel Jones, Louise Pleasant, Elain Rhun, Siwan Jones, Ela Evans, Lottie Pleasant, Cerys Davies. Subs: Cerys Michael, Ella Griffiths, Sophie Savage, Efa Williams.
Tornadoes: Nicci Siecinska
Thunderkittens: Lottie Pleasant

Bangor University 46-23 St Asaph
(7-7; 18-10; 32-17; 46-23)

Bangor Uni: Millie Pringle, Josie Yelland, Olivia Chambers, Libby McKenna-Fraser, Sophie Roots, Emma Stone, Natalia Ehenuio. Sub: Eva Payton-White.
St Asaph: Courtney Roberts, Leanne Mather, Beth Jones, Joy Jamieson, Leanne Duncalf, Debbie Magistra, Beth Gunther.
Bangor Uni: Olivia Chambers
St Asaph: Joy Jamieson

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