Goals for Girls: Ffion Owen hits fourth hat-trick of season to lead Division Two chart

Ffion Owen (right) with Amlwch Town manager Mo Eynon. Picture: Gethin Jones, ATFC

Ffion Owen’s fourth hat-trick of the season for Amlwch Town on Sunday made her top-scorer in North Wales League Division Two.

Owen moved up to 14 goals to head her divisional chart and she is also joint-second highest markswoman in all competitions with team-mate Lexi Crawley.

Denbigh Town’s Rosie Hughes is the overall leading goal-getter in North Wales football, having found the net 17 times.

Goalscorer charts (up to and including November 24, 2019)

Division One (league goals only)

11 – Gemma Jones (Llanfair)

6 – Sophie Cook (Llanfair)

5 – Ceri Purvis (Rhyl), Sarah Ellis (Llanfair)

4 – Rosie Hughes (Denbigh), Ffion Williams (Bethel), Becky Lees (Airbus)

3 – Mary Griffiths (Llanfair), Tegan Hewitt (Airbus), Nia Ellis (Llanfair)

2 – Eleanor Thomas (Northop Hall), Alaw Davies-Smith (Corwen), Rebecca Hughes (Northop Hall), Nia Ellis (Llanfair), Katie Midwinter (Bethel), Sian Smith (Airbus), Jade Scott (Airbus), Lexie Smith (Denbigh), Gwawr Williams (Denbigh), Emma Roden (Denbigh), Natalie Harrison (Rhyl), Ffion Barnett (Llanfair), Gwenno Gibbard-Bolton (Bethel), Katie Armstrong (Corwen)

1 – Chelsea Evans (Northop Hall), Angharad Davies (Llanfair), Mary Bailey (Llanfair), Hannah Jones (Bethel), Ffion Evans (Corwen), Alice O’Shaughnessy (Airbus), Erin Maloney (Bethel), Sioned Hughes-Williams (Bethel), Maria Laffey (Denbigh), Catrin Davies (Rhyl), Charley Skeffington (Rhyl), Annest Jones (Airbus), Abbie Holland (Northop Hall), Kathryn Jones (Denbigh), Emma Hazel (Wrexham), Anest Roberts (Bethel), Amelia Evans (Corwen), Lauren Reese (Wrexham)

Division Two (league goals only)

14 – Ffion Owen (Amlwch)

13 – Lexi Crawley (Amlwch)

10 – Katie Bowe (Mountain Rangers)

9 – Stacey Sansome (Pwllheli)

7 – Emily Jones (NFA), Mia Rawling (Penrhyn Bay)

6 – Catrin Evans (Amlwch), Amy Webster (NFA), Amy Roberts (Pwllheli)

5 – Cerys Gadd (Amlwch), Candice Nellist (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Elena Julio (Mountain Rangers), Danielle Barnfield (Mountain Rangers), Lisa Thomas (Mountain Rangers), Ffion Evans (Penrhyn Bay), Lowri Hughes (Pwllheli), Molly Watkinson (Penrhyn Bay),

4 – Jasmin Dutton (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Tonicha Dickens (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Rachel Lloyd (NFA), Hannah Smith (Penrhyn Bay)

3 – Jordan Roberts (Caernarfon Town), Lisa Jones (Caernarfon Town), Jennifer Haynes (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Sioned Phillips (Llanberis), Lois Thomas (Pwllheli), Sioned Mair Jones (Pwllheli)

2 – Ceri Slaney (Amlwch), Georgia Bain (Caernarfon Town), Katie Horne (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Ellie Sandiford (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Rachael Nattrass (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Ruby McGilloway (Holywell Town), Charley Davies (Llanberis), Sara Williams (Mountain Rangers), Siwan Williams (Mountain Rangers), Magi Hughes (Pwllheli), Ela Roberts (Penrhyn Bay), Meinir Thomas (Amlwch), Indie Hassall (Llanberis)

1 – Carol Lewis (Amlwch), Sophie Lewis (Caernarfon Town), Erin Heathcote (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Rebecca Morris (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Nia Owen (Llanberis), Diana Roberts (Llanberis), Ffion Bee (Llanberis), Ashleigh Mills (NFA), Caitlin Hadaway (Holywell), Leah Davies-Williams (Holywell), Hannah Jones (Penrhyn Bay), Leah Williams (Holywell), Ffion Roberts (Llanberis), Jessica Mills (NFA), Becca Bannister (NFA), Elin Brown (Pwllheli), Sarah Massey (Holywell), Shannon Thomas (Amlwch)


1 – Jordanne Greenough (Llandudno), Fflur Williams (Llandudno), Stacey Tradewell (Llandudno)

Goals in ALL competitions combined
(League, Welsh Cup, NEWFA Cup, Division One Cup, Division Two Cup)

17 – Rosie Hughes (Denbigh Town)

14 – Lexi Crawley (Amlwch Town), Ffion Owen (Amlwch)

11 – Gemma Jones (Llanfair)

10 – Katie Bowe (Mountain Rangers), Lowri Hughes (Pwllheli), Stacey Sansome (Pwllheli)

8 – Amy Roberts (Pwllheli), Erin Maloney (Bethel)

7 – Becky Lees (Airbus), Emily Jones (NFA), Mia Rawling (Penrhyn Bay), Candice Nellist (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Ffion Williams (Bethel)

6 – Jordanne Greenough (Llandudno), Sophie Cook (Llanfair), Catrin Evans (Amlwch Town), Sarah Ellis (Llanfair), Ffion Evans (Penrhyn Bay), Ceri Purvis (Rhyl), Amy Webster (NFA), Lisa Thomas (Mountain Rangers), Emma Roden (Denbigh Town)

5 – Jennifer Haynes (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Elena Julio (Mountain Rangers), Danielle Barnfield (Mountain Rangers), Tonicha Dickens (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Jasmin Dutton (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Hannah Smith (Penrhyn Bay), Chelsea Williams (Denbigh Town), Kate Horne (Connah’s Quay Nomads)

4 – Stacey Tradewell (Llandudno), Natalie Harrison (Rhyl), Tegan Hewitt (Airbus), Rachel Lloyd (NFA), Molly Watkinson (Penrhyn Bay), Lauren Reese (Wrexham), Charley Davies (Llanberis), Sioned Jones (Pwllheli), Nia Ellis (Llanfair), Cerys Gadd (Amlwch), Niomi Taylor (Rhyl)

3 – Kelsey Davies (Llandudno), Rebecca Hughes (Northop Hall), Lisa Jones (Caernarfon Town), Lois Thomas (Pwllheli), Mary Griffiths (Llanfair), Sioned Phillips (Llanberis), Jordan Roberts (Caernarfon Town), Rebecca Bannister (NFA), Eleanor Thomas (Northop Hall), Lani Bouckley (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Shannon Hobbs (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Mary Bailey (Llanfair)

2 – Alaw Davies-Smith (Corwen), Sofie Owen (Llandudno), Abbie Holland (Northop Hall), Ceri Slaney (Amlwch Town), Gemma Hardman (Penrhyn Bay), Gwawr Williams (Denbigh Town), Lexie Smith (Denbigh Town), Sara Williams (Mountain Rangers), Siwan Williams (Mountain Rangers), Katie Midwinter (Bethel), Sian Smith (Airbus), Jade Scott (Airbus), Magi Hughes (Pwllheli), Rachael Nattrass (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Georgia Bain (Caernarfon Town), Ellie Sandiford (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Ruby McGilloway (Holywell Town), Catrin Davies (Rhyl), Ela Roberts (Penrhyn Bay), Indie Hassall (Llanberis), Ffion Roberts (Llanberis), Leah Davies-Williams (Holywell), Meinir Thomas (Amlwch)

1 – Sioned Bohana (Llandudno), Carol Lewis (Amlwch), Sophie Lewis (Caernarfon Town), Erin Heathcote (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Rebecca Morris (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Nia Owen (Llanberis), Diana Roberts (Llanberis), Ffion Bee (Llanberis), Ashleigh Mills (NFA), Caitlin Hadaway (Holywell), Hannah Jones (Penrhyn Bay), Bess Roberts (Pwllheli), Elen Mair Jones (Denbigh), Sade Benjamin (Rhyl), Katie Houghton (Bethel), Courteney Page (Airbus), Rebecca Jarvis-Evans (Connah’s Quay Nomads), Catrin Thomas (Llandudno). Sophie Hodson (Corwen), Anest Roberts (Bethel), Amelia Evans (Corwen), Fflur Williams (Llandudno), Jessica Mills (Rhyl), Natalie Williams (Mountain Rangers), Katie Sharp (Wrexham), Bethany Durrant (Wrexham), Elin Jones (Pwllheli), Sarah Massey (Holywell), Chelsea Evans (Northop Hall), Shannon Thomas (Amlwch), Sophie Haywood (Rhyl)


Sep 8
Gemma Jones 4 goals (Wrexham 1 Llanfair 12)
Candice Nellist 3, Jennifer Haynes 3 (Holywell 0 Connah’s Quay 12)
Ffion Owen 3, Lexi Crawley 3 (NFA 0 Amlwch 9)

Sep 15
Katie Bowe 7, Lisa Thomas 3 (Mountain Rangers 14 Holywell 1)
Emily Jones 3 (Caernarfon 1 NFA 7)
Ffion Owen 3, Lexi Musgrave 3 (Pwllheli 3 Amlwch 8)

Sep 22
Erin Maloney 4 (Bethel 5 NFA 2)
Becky Lees 3 (Penrhyn Bay 3 AIRBUS 5)

Sep 29
Rosie Hughes 4 (Denbigh 9 Northop Hall 0)
Molly Watkinson 3 (Caernarfon 1 Penrhyn Bay 7)
Elena Julio 3 (Mountain Rangers 9 Llanberis 0)

Oct 6
Ffion Williams 3 (Bethel 7 Corwen 2)
Danielle Barnfield 3 (Penrhyn Bay 3 MOUNTAIN RANGERS 5)

Oct 13
Gemma Jones 3, Sophie Cook 3, Sarah Ellis 3 (Northop Hall 0 Llanfair 10)
Catrin Evans 3, Lexi Crawley 3 (Amlwch 10 Caernarfon 2)

Oct 20
Rosie Hughes 6 (Denbigh 8 Northop Hall 2)

Oct 27
Jordanne Greenough 4 (Corwen 1 Llandudno 9)

Nov 3
Gemma Jones 3 (Llanfair 5 Airbus 1)
Ffion Owen 4, Lexi Crawley 3 (Amlwch 9 Llanberis 2)
Amy Webster 3 (NFA 6 Penrhyn Bay 3)

Nov 10
Rosie Hughes 6 (Mountain Rangers 2 Denbigh Town 12)
Emma Roden 3 (Mountain Rangers 2 Denbigh Town 12)
Chelsea Williams 3 (Mountain Rangers 2 Denbigh Town 12)
Lowri Hughes 5 (Pwllheli 9 Northop Hall 1)
Lauren Reese 3 (Wrexham 5 Llanberis 1)

Nov 17
Lowri Hughes 5 (Pwllheli 18 Holywell 1)
Stacey Sansome 5 (Pwllheli 18 Holywell 1)
Amy Roberts 4 (Pwllheli 18 Holywell 1)
Sioned Mair Jones 3 (Pwllheli 18 Holywell 1)

Nov 24
Kate Horne 3 (Connah’s Quay 8 Denbigh Town 3)
Lani Bouckley 3 (Connah’s Quay 8 Denbigh Town 3)
Ffion Williams 3 (Bethel 4 Rhyl 3)
Ffion Owen 3 (Penrhyn Bay 1 Amlwch 6)

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