Netball: Gwynedd and Anglesey League action from Tuesday and Wednesday

Arfon Celts were in fine form on Wednesday night

Arfon Ladies were given a real battle before eventually defeating determined opponents Aran 22-19 in Division One of the Gwynedd and Anglesey Netball League.

Aran were on the front foot from the start and with Arfon missing two shooters it was a tough night against the Dolgellau side’s defence. At one point Arfon found themselves five goals down.

It was 19-19 entering the final 90 seconds when Arfon went one ahead and their centre pass. With 38 seconds left Aran got a rebound from a missed Arfon shot and it could have been in the bag for the Dolgellau team with their centre pass to come but for another interception by Ladies, who scored to go two-up with 20 seconds to go.

The last goal came from a final interception by the Arfon defence and a sublime pass with three seconds to go from just inside the centre Aran goal side. It went straight into Arfon’s shooter to finish 22-19 on the final whistle. Amazing game by both teams.

Arfon Celts were always in control against Dyffryn Ladies. Dyffryn were missing players but it was one of them games where no matter how they played, Celts produced the better.

The game between Primos and Pwllheli was a see-saw encounter. Both won two quarters each, but the Primos successes were by higher margins. A hard fought battle by both teams though.

Division One results, line-ups and awards – Wednesday, February 5

Aran (Dolgellau) 19-22 Arfon Ladies
(5-3, 9-7, 13-14, 19-22)

Aran: Steph Owen, Catrin Gittins, Meg Evans, Sara James, Ceri Jones, Ceris Hughes, Bernie Conneely.
Arfon: Anest Edwards, Kathryn Caine, Alaw Davies, Rachel Southall, Clare Roberts-Wallis, Alis Francis, Debbie Jones. Sub: Diane Parry.
Players of the Match
Aran: Umpires and Players – Ceris Hughes.
Arfon: Umpires – Kathryn Caine; Players – Alis Francis.

Dyffryn Ladies 16-29 Arfon Celts
(3-10; 8-16; 14-21; 16-29)

Dyffryn: Enid Jones, Ffion Jones, Sue Evans, Greta Jams, Alaw Jones, Elin Evans, Sarah Spooner. Sub: Ellen Cook.
Celts: Anya Jones, Ally Williams, Erin Davies, Flick Smith, Gwenno Pritchard, Anna Selick, Tanisha Burgher. Subs: Siwan Jones, Cerys Davies.
Dyffryn: Umpires – Ffion Jones; Players – Sue Evans.
Celts: Umpires – Erin Davies; Players – Anna Selick.

Primos 25-16 Pwllheli
(3-5; 12-7; 16-13; 25-16)

Primos: Gill Roberts-Jones, Cherelle Jarvis, Nia Roberts, Catrin Williams, Eurwen Williams, Becky Lloyd, Alaw Evans. Subs: Sylvie Smith.
Pwllheli: Lily Doodson, Vicky Doodson, Georgie Battye, Tabi Tomlinson, Helena Bird, Tara Thorne, Steffi Studt.
Primos: Umpires – Cherelle Jarvis; Players – Becky Lloyd.
Pwllheli: Umpires and Players – Steffi Studt.

Walis 37-9 Dreigiau Brynrefs
(8-3; 19-5; 30-5; 37-9)

Walis: Elen Edwards, Ellen V Williams, Debbie Lovell, Catrin Parry, Jenna Allsup, Malan G Jones, Hanna Domagala. Sub: Llinos Griffith.
Dreigiau: Enlli Williams, Beca Parry, Melody Haston, Harmony Haston, Lowri Williams, Georgia Parkinson, Elin Thomas.
Walis: Umpires – Hanna Domagala; Players – Malan G Jones
Dreigiau: Umpires – Beca Parry; Players – Melody Haston.

Division Two results, line-ups and awards – Tuesday, February 4

Amigos 17-18 Tacos
(6-6; 9-10; 16-16; 17-18)

Amigos: Arwen Humphreys, Llio Jones, Sian Roberts, Alaw Davies-Thomas, Glain Tudur, Mari Gruffydd, Megan Jones.
Tacos: Lois Parry, Awel Owen Jones, Cadi Wyn Jones, Erin Rhys Jones, Elliw Hunt, Marged Sion, Luned Eryl. Subs: Mari Gwyn, Elin Williams, Ela Haf, Llanw Jones.
Amigos: Umpires – Glain Tudur; Players – Arwen Humphreys
Tacos: Umpires – Luned Eryl; Players – Elliw Hunt.

Wnion 11-21 Moniars
(3-5; 5-9; 8-14; 11-21)

Wnion: Llio Emlyn, Sioned Wyn Jones, India Clackson, Laura (Evans) Carr, Nieve Murphy-Mayo, Erin Aled, Ffion Gittins. Sub: Jessica Day.
Moniars: Louise Pleasant, Charnjit Grewal, Nell Beaton, Elin Salter, Cerys Parry, Ffion Roberts, Cara Owen.
Wnion: Umpires – Nieve Murphy-Mayo; Players – Erin Aled.
Moniars: Umpires – Cerys Parry; Players – Charnjit Grewal.

Sombreros 9-12 WaliB’s
(5-4; 6-6; 6-10; 9-12)

Sombreros: Rhian Owen, Swyn Edwards, Martha Ceiriog, Alaw Davies, Ela Davies, Malan Hughes, Heledd Jones. Sub: Elli Johnstone.
WaliB’s: Mererid Llwyd, Tania Oakshott, Lois Jones, Elen Jones, Maureen Japp, Lucy Tugwell, Siwan Jones. Subs: Sian Herbert, Glesni Edwards.
Sombreros: Umpires and Players – Ela Davies.
WaliB’s: Umpires – Siwan Jones; Players – Lucy Tugwell.

Llangefni 40-0 Mellt Brynrefs
(Mellt forfeited)

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